If you’ve had a car accident  you most likely require Austin car accident lawyer services. In developed countries like America, car accidents aren’t rare. In the States, the majority of personal injury claims are relating to accidents entailing a truck, car, or similar vehicle. Most of these road mishaps end up in minor damage to the vehicle, which could be handled directly by the victim in association with an insurance firm. But the more serious accidents that comprise fatality, physical injury, or any other major damage would warrant legal intervention or an experienced and skilled car accident lawyer’s representation.  Luckily, Austin DWI accident lawyers are ready to assist you.


Car Accident Causes

There are several car accident causes, and the majority entail some form of driver negligence or error. The common causes are:

• Drunk driving : As per NHTSA, there were approximately 10,000 fatalities relating to alcohol in the year 2013. Reports from Texas for the same year revealed 1090 people were killed in road accidents wherein the driver was under alcohol influence.

• Distracted driving: Texting and driving  probably distracts a driver most on road as the activity demands the driver’s manual, cognitive and visual attention. Needless to mention, any activity fiddling with driver attention while on the road isn’t good for anybody’s health, especially in South Florida where there are many older and distracted drivers, you may find yourself needing a  Miami, FL car accident lawyer.


More recently, the game Pokemon Go  is causing many car accidents and is not wise to play while driving. Not only can Pokémon catching become a dangerous practice when taken onto the road, but in many places it can land you a huge ticket or worse.  There are Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyers skilled in handling these types of situations.

• Fatigued driving: According to National Sleep Foundation reports, close to 70 million people have sleep disorders or are sleep deprived, which is a huge factor contributing to car accidents. The report also indicates 10 percent of the drivers on the road are likely to sleep when behind the wheel. In remote country areas people may find themselves nodding off and if you hit someone while sleeping and driving you should contact a car accident lawyer Marin.

• Speeding: Aggressive driving or exceeding speed limits is not cool. According to IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports, speeding caused 29 percent of road accidents on American roads in 2013. With increasing speeds, the driver deprives himself of the extra time he could have had to react to emergency road scenarios.  Thankfully, a speeding ticket lawyer in Brooklyn is able to assist you as well.

• Aggressive driving and tailgating: Drivers who indulge in tailgating, disregard traffic signals and stop signs, and make unsafe and frequent lane changes not only put their own lives at risks but also give fellow motorists a scare of their lives.  Watch the video below, looks like  Bronx car accident attorneys will be getting a call.



Car Accident Types

As aforementioned, car crashes could result due to multiple negligent actions. They could involve one vehicle or multiple vehicles. Some only have property damage, but many others could sustain catastrophic or serious injuries. The different car crash types are:

• Head-on collisions: Such road crashes turn out the most serious cases, often inflicting major injuries. In other accident types, the struck vehicle would move, taking in some force. But in case of head-on crashes, the impact’s force is amplified by both the colliding vehicles’ combined speeds.

• Rear-end collisions: These accidents happen frequently during heavy traffic, especially amidst tailgating drivers. Such collisions could cause major injuries, or also death. Even the crashes at low speeds could cause whiplash – a kind of neck injury caused due to the neck’s rapid whip-like back-and-forth motion. It happens when a vehicle gets struck at its rear.

• Side-swipe accidents: Side swipes are glancing blows against another vehicle hitting a vehicle’s side portion. This accident takes place frequently whenever drivers responds over-excitedly to impending dangers in front of them by taking a side turn and ramming into other vehicles. Such accidents are also possible when driver shift lanes without confirming whether the adjacent lines are clear. Such side impacts may cause the driver to lose control, resulting in more serious accidents.

• Side impact collisions: Also called t-bone collisions, these accidents happen when a driver broadsides another. The accident is quite likely when drivers make left turns opposite to approaching traffic. Other situations may also lead to such accidents. These collisions could cause major injuries since the vehicle occupant on the crash side is safeguarded by more than just the car door.

How Does a Car Accident Lawyer Help

As aforementioned, the attorney looks after the legal aspects of your accident case. The various elements include:

• Fighting for compensation: Besides settling cases, the accident lawyer would try everything within his power to ensure you get the highest compensation for your injuries, mental stress and financial losses. The lawyer would get you your deserved sum either through outside-court settlements (negotiating with the other party), or via litigation.

• Confronting the insurance firm: Post an accident, your insurance firm would probably call you to settle you for the losses incurred. This forthcoming approach from the company may look noble, but you probably don’t know the insurance company wants to clear your dues at the earliest without considering what you truly deserve. On the face, the offer may seem generous, but when you calculate your medical expenses and other costs, the insurance settlement won’t be good enough. A car attorney lawyer would talk to the insurance company and make sure you get the best settlement possible.

• Property damage handling: Most car accident attorneys take care of all property and car damage claims for free.

• Assistance with medical treatment: Post a traumatic road accident, getting the right medical care is the biggest challenge. Invariably, you’ll not be physically and/or mentally fit to find the best hospital services. Your lawyer would help you obtain proper medical care.

• Briefing the whole case: As an individual with no legal background, you’re likely to be alien to the various legal proceedings and court matters. An attorney would therefore walk you through the whole case, help you understand your options and rights, and offer a sound counsel voice during the legal process.

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Finding a Car Accident Lawyer

The right car accident lawyer is not hard to find. There are several options. For instance, referrals from family and friends could be the right start. Lawyer directories is another way to locate qualified legal professionals. In fact, these directories turn out the most effective way to find lawyers in  any other region in America.  Make sure you contact the right lawyer in your area, for example if you lived in southern CA, you would contact Rancho Cucamonga divorce attorneys.